Metal Shake Roof Installation Process


When you’re contracted with Aluminum Shake Roofing, we want you to feel safe and secure in knowing that we can provide a lasting, quality service. To that end, we want to offer you a baseline understanding of our metal shake roof installation process, giving you in-depth information that will help set your mind to ease about a project like a new roof. 

The Personal Consultation

When you first contact Aluminum Shake Roofing, the first thing we will want to do is get to know you as a client. Learning first hand from you everything about your goals and plans with your new roof. Our professional staff can provide a wide range of metal shake roofing styles that you can select from to best first the look and feel of your home, making sure our service will add to the beauty of your property.  Additionally, we will provide a free quote on your project, giving a fair and clear idea of how much your investment will cost.

Industry-Standard Setting Architecture Design & Planning

The design of your roof is a critical point in home ownership, just as it is a high-liability in the wrong hands. Working with your set goals for your home, our architects make sure the design they create for your metal shake roof installation gives a distinctive beauty to your home.

How Long Will the Roof Installing Take?

One of the first questions we always face in roof installation is “How long will it take?” The short a simple answer: Under two to three days. With a qualified, proven contractor like Aluminum Shake Roofing, a full roof replacement can be made quick and relatively painless. If we plan out to leave your roof as-is and install the shingles without having a tear-off process, the project can be made exceptionally faster.   

Get the Job Done Right for Life

When you work with Aluminum Shake Roofing, you are giving your home protection from elements such as rain, snow, and winds for a lifetime. With a warranty plan for all materials and contract labor, you can be sure that your new roof is going to last. 

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We love to meet our clients face-to-face here at Aluminum Shake so we invite you today to call us for a immediate appointment or walk-in conversation at the earliest convenience for you. 

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